SINCE 1980.

Aristocrat reflects a burning desire to push forward beyond the edge. It won’t settle for less and superiority is its life blood. Aristocrat deliver products that won’t takes chances. It extend the limits, expectations and always seek yes for an answer.

Aristocrat rainwears, active outerwears and raingears are made for people who overcome excuses and always push themselves forward.
Because from inside and out they are living life to the fullest. Aristocrat understands that the necessities and blends the solution with styles for those who live it every day. Do you?


Aristocrat Rainwear started manufacturing and selling of waterproof clothing in 1980. Today we are not just the market leaders in this segment, but a brand that offer a wide range of rainwears, wind and winter resistant rainwears, innovative raingears, active wear for travel-adventure enthusiasts and quality work wears for professionals.

We supply innovative rainwears to meet the increasing demands and aspiration for protective clothing. To remain in our leadership position we invest a lot of our time and money in product innovation. Which is why our products are superior in quality. We achieve results through improving the quality of existing materials and inventing new products by experimenting new material combinations.

Aristocrat is a brand created through 30years of experience, exclusively on the geographical and climatic specialities of India. Our products are a blend of this experience in solving experiential issues over time through innovative ideas and technology. Aristocrat is a name that’s synonymous with the advanced rainwear products. For over 30 years our products are offering reliable shelter to people even at the extreme climatic conditions.


Many years has passed, 38 years to be exact, since we designed our first rainwear back in 1980. Like the season of a year, the passage of time is marked by both the shedding of leaves and sprouting of new buds. Every season should bring fresh new things to celebrate life. We have contributed hundreds of innovations in rainwear and adapted our business to catch up with the new materials and technologies introduced in water protective garments industry ever since. We continue to build new bonds and cherish the existing ones throughout the course of time. With a vast spectrum of rainwear apparels, bags, accessories in many categories, we can help you be comfortable during change of seasons.

Aristocrat Core Values:

  • Love of the outdoors
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Discerning craftsmanship
  • Passion for elements- wind, peaks, rivers, forest, rains and getting more rides on motorcycles!

Features that separate us from the competition


  • Innovative design
  • Perfect utilisation of Technology
  • Durable making
  • Quality materials
  • Fabric combinations
  • Best-in-class quality at every price